Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A First Year Garden....

As you may recall...
 I moved to the Bungalow last year at the end of July.
July in Texas, with the temperatures soaring close to 100 degrees,
 is not the most favorable time to start a garden.
When I use the words, "Blank Slate", understand it was below that level.
The fenced garden area had previously been the home to a very large dog.
It was disgustingly covered in large hair balls and such.
I was starting over...again.
The bungalow renovation began with leveling the house, plus adding much needed beams. It was evident, that the rain waters were rushing through the property, therefore putting the foundation in jeopardy. 
By then it was the beginning of August, one of our hottest months.
Fortunate for me, I still had Benjamin, my faithful handyman, living nearby.
I hesitate to show you this photo.
It is only a beginning of what it will eventually look like.
The view has the Studio and mini-barn looking very happy.
I have unloaded, from my truck,
 all of the brick pavers, Windsor stones, garden soil...
placing each and everyone, building a garden.
 Remember my little cherub from previous gardens?
When I move, the cherub goes with me !
Let me show you a few of the daylilies that are blooming.
Click on each photo to see them with greater detail.
This is a glimpse of the retaining wall I built with the Windsor Stones.
I like for some plants to drape over the retaining wall.... to soften the look.
Artemisia "Powis Castle" is a good example.
And to the left, in the photo, is Rosemary.
Golden Sedum is another very easy plant.
Keep watching, dear readers.
There is more to come.....
Meggie Mac

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Looking for a Magic Wand....Bungalow Kitchen Renovations

The progress is slow...having only 2 days a week,
and sometimes only 1 day,
 to work on the projects.
This past Saturday, the vent hood and upper cabinets were installed.
Also the tile work behind the stove.
As you can see, the tile still needs to be grouted.
As a reminder....
 this is how the kitchen looked on the day of inspection.
The cooking range is still in the same spot.
I can't imagine how cooking was done, for eighty years or more,
 without a vent hood.
I will still need to arrange for an electrician
 to run electrical wiring to the vent hood. 
The tile was a real find at a "close-out" price.
Wanting to keep the vintage look, the stone tile is perfect . 
A few glass tiles sprinkled through out the project,
give it some sparkle.
Now what to do about the electrical outlet cover...
Click on Photo
I remembered seeing a spray paint
that gives a rough texture...like stone.
I can't say brilliant idea, but....
it will work perfectly to camouflage
 the inexpensive plastic outlet cover.
Do you not agree?
While the carpenter was there,
 I had him change out the original cabinet hardware,
drilling new holes.
I will still need to remove the birch hardware and apply a stain.
The old hardware holes will need to be filled and sanded...
Oh well, another Saturday project ! 
I feel something special in my tiny Bungalow Kitchen.
It is pure joy to cook in there....
Meggie Mac

Sunday, December 6, 2015

A List Too Long and Too Little Time

Yesterday's sun was bright,
creating a pattern of light across the top of the blanket chest.
It was perfect weather for all the outside projects of the day.
The countdown (and drum roll, please)....20 days left before Christmas.
I have always worked better with an impossible list, and deadlines. Call me crazy, but I have come to believe I enjoy the pressure of the deadlines...
The goal for Saturday was adding new shelving in my mini-barn storage building, while I have all the Christmas decorations out.
Oh yes, and Saturday was the big day of Christmas decorating.
One more kitchen update to share with you, my dear readers.
Take a close look at the before photo...
there was no way to clean the stains of the double sink.
 The shine of the enamel was gone, from many years of use.
Because I am trying to stretch the already tight budget,
 I decided to give the old sink a face-lift.
Here are the results, after using a tub and tile re-surfacing kit....
cost, $35 for the kit.
Look at that shine !
And, the final touch, a new facet with a vintage look.
I would say, my "new" old sink has a few more years of life left in it.
What do you say?
Meggie Mac

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday Brings A Visit from the Carpenter....

The unpacking of books began last week end.
Yes, there is a dining room table underneath it all.
I no longer have the luxury of a library room.
In the bungalow, the books will share space in the dining room.
The book shelves will flank each side of the doorway into the kitchen.
Four bookshelves were completed last week end.
The base is the popular Billy Bookcase from Ikea.
The bookshelves required the moving of my painted cabinet,
 to a new location.
The carpenter is adding crown molding and trim,
to give it a more built-in look.
What I love about these bookcases,
 is the fact
 that I can adjust the shelves to my own liking.
 I've added two, very inexpensive lamps,
 to set the mood for my reading nook.
Stay tuned....
I will have another update,
 when my two new reading chairs arrive.
Meggie Mac 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Renovations Take Time...

Project days start early...usually with a list in hand,
I head out to the local building supply.
I like to choose my own supplies.
And with the carpenter only available two days a week,
I want to make the most of his time.
The bungalow kitchen is tiny...I mean, really tiny.
But, I have come to love that very fact.
I should first say,
 "Every project is done on a tight budget".
 Lucky for me, the kitchen has the original cabinets, floors and....
oh yes, those wonderful big windows.
There are a total of three windows,
with this one overlooking the studio.
The free-standing cooking range came with house.
As soon as I started using it,
I realized it must have some counter space on both sides.
The problem was the tiny space. 
But luck again came when I found two oak cabinet,
 measuring 12" wide.
The tile work, behind the stove,
 will be done after the Thanksgiving Holiday.
Another project, for this past week end,
was to make the fridge appear to be built-in.
Again, because of tiny, all the appliances looked odd,
standing alone.
The cabinet above, still needs crown molding.
All the unfinished wood will be painted the same color as the original cupboards
How true the words of my sign ring...
The painting must simply wait until after the holiday.
Meggie Mac

Saturday, November 7, 2015

New Gardens....Started During the Hot Month of August

Believe it or not...
I have managed to start a small kitchen garden,
after moving to the bungalow,
just 14 short weeks ago.
Nothing says Home...
like gathering your own greens, for a salad.
I've also planted a fig tree, a plum tree, and a small Loquat.
All in hopes of  producing some fruit in the Spring.
Remember my cherub from previous gardens?
I couldn't leave him behind.
A lady bug for good luck...
very busy doing her job.
Portulaca is always easy to grow,
in our hot summers.
A "gift" from a neighbor...
Iris to plant for blooms next year.
Some damage from last week's high winds.
Succulents, so easy to grow,
 will make nice small plants, to be given as Christmas gifts.
Showing the label of one of many daylilies,
I ordered from my favorite daylily farm.
I must say the name "Fresh Start"
 is very fitting for this new garden.
Meggie Mac

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Nothing Scary for Me....on Halloween Decorating

Maybe I'm too much a "scaredy-cat",
 for most Halloween decorations....
no ghosts, goblins or skeletons for me.
You can see....
even my jack-o-lantern, has a smiley face.
The truth is...
I'm concentrating on a couple of projects,
before my family arrives,
for Thanksgiving.
Meggie Mac