Saturday, November 7, 2015

New Gardens....Started During the Hot Month of August

Believe it or not...
I have managed to start a small kitchen garden,
after moving to the bungalow,
just 14 short weeks ago.
Nothing says Home...
like gathering your own greens, for a salad.
I've also planted a fig tree, a plum tree, and a small Loquat.
All in hopes of  producing some fruit in the Spring.
Remember my cherub from previous gardens?
I couldn't leave him behind.
A lady bug for good luck...
very busy doing her job.
Portulaca is always easy to grow,
in our hot summers.
A "gift" from a neighbor...
Iris to plant for blooms next year.
Some damage from last week's high winds.
Succulents, so easy to grow,
 will make nice small plants, to be given as Christmas gifts.
Showing the label of one of many daylilies,
I ordered from my favorite daylily farm.
I must say the name "Fresh Start"
 is very fitting for this new garden.
Meggie Mac


  1. Looking good. I grow a lot of fruit here in France; especially Figs, which I love.

    1. Me, too....I adore the taste of figs, especially when you eat them directly from the tree. Thanks for your comment...

  2. You're staying busy, that's for sure!