Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday Brings A Visit from the Carpenter....

The unpacking of books began last week end.
Yes, there is a dining room table underneath it all.
I no longer have the luxury of a library room.
In the bungalow, the books will share space in the dining room.
The book shelves will flank each side of the doorway into the kitchen.
Four bookshelves were completed last week end.
The base is the popular Billy Bookcase from Ikea.
The bookshelves required the moving of my painted cabinet,
 to a new location.
The carpenter is adding crown molding and trim,
to give it a more built-in look.
What I love about these bookcases,
 is the fact
 that I can adjust the shelves to my own liking.
 I've added two, very inexpensive lamps,
 to set the mood for my reading nook.
Stay tuned....
I will have another update,
 when my two new reading chairs arrive.
Meggie Mac 


  1. I miss my books, most of them still in boxes since 2009... but now I think I'll carry them in, too, even if I haven't my billys yet - in fact I was considering them, too:)

    1. I guess "billys" are known the world over....I miss my books too. They are old friends. It will be good to get everything unpacked.

  2. I always think a dining room makes a good library. That's especially true if you have an eat-in kitchen, which it looks like you do. Might as well put that dining room to better use doing double duty as a library. We've used Ikea bookcases for years, both Billy and other models.

    1. Three cheers for billy bookcases....seems I'm not the only one. The nice trim really dresses them up. I've tried twice today to leave a comment on you blog...couldn't do it, but will try again with a different browser.

  3. Our house is very small (but beautiful). Books are now in piles on the floor, under beds, on the sofa, and just about everywhere else there's a spare cubic foot or two. I think we may have to have a sort out.

    1. I say let someone else deal with it after I have left this earth. My only hope is that my children will appreciate what I have read and collected. Even though I read most of my books on my Kindle, I always buy the hardcover for the library. I WANT to support the hardcover books so they won't become a thing of the past.

  4. The more I see of this place the more I like it...and I would like to browse through your books, too!

    1. Well, thank you Rose....I love it more with each passing day. It really feels like home. As for my books, I do have some very good reads.

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