Sunday, December 6, 2015

A List Too Long and Too Little Time

Yesterday's sun was bright,
creating a pattern of light across the top of the blanket chest.
It was perfect weather for all the outside projects of the day.
The countdown (and drum roll, please)....20 days left before Christmas.
I have always worked better with an impossible list, and deadlines. Call me crazy, but I have come to believe I enjoy the pressure of the deadlines...
The goal for Saturday was adding new shelving in my mini-barn storage building, while I have all the Christmas decorations out.
Oh yes, and Saturday was the big day of Christmas decorating.
One more kitchen update to share with you, my dear readers.
Take a close look at the before photo...
there was no way to clean the stains of the double sink.
 The shine of the enamel was gone, from many years of use.
Because I am trying to stretch the already tight budget,
 I decided to give the old sink a face-lift.
Here are the results, after using a tub and tile re-surfacing kit....
cost, $35 for the kit.
Look at that shine !
And, the final touch, a new facet with a vintage look.
I would say, my "new" old sink has a few more years of life left in it.
What do you say?
Meggie Mac