Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Looking for a Magic Wand....Bungalow Kitchen Renovations

The progress is slow...having only 2 days a week,
and sometimes only 1 day,
 to work on the projects.
This past Saturday, the vent hood and upper cabinets were installed.
Also the tile work behind the stove.
As you can see, the tile still needs to be grouted.
As a reminder....
 this is how the kitchen looked on the day of inspection.
The cooking range is still in the same spot.
I can't imagine how cooking was done, for eighty years or more,
 without a vent hood.
I will still need to arrange for an electrician
 to run electrical wiring to the vent hood. 
The tile was a real find at a "close-out" price.
Wanting to keep the vintage look, the stone tile is perfect . 
A few glass tiles sprinkled through out the project,
give it some sparkle.
Now what to do about the electrical outlet cover...
Click on Photo
I remembered seeing a spray paint
that gives a rough texture...like stone.
I can't say brilliant idea, but....
it will work perfectly to camouflage
 the inexpensive plastic outlet cover.
Do you not agree?
While the carpenter was there,
 I had him change out the original cabinet hardware,
drilling new holes.
I will still need to remove the birch hardware and apply a stain.
The old hardware holes will need to be filled and sanded...
Oh well, another Saturday project ! 
I feel something special in my tiny Bungalow Kitchen.
It is pure joy to cook in there....
Meggie Mac


  1. Maybe the people cooking before you just left the back door open? Not ideal (our vent doesn't work just now, so that's what we do... ). Your work is impressive, the kitchen already looks great. x

    1. I hadn't thought of leaving the door open. I'm trying to do everything on a tight budget....I'm thankful the cooking range works perfectly.

  2. Love the cover fix it makes a huge difference. Thanks I may use that idea if you do not mind. Your kitchen looks great. B.

    1. I must warn you, the paint comes out of the spray can with more pressure than the regular paint. I was surprised on the first push of the button. I love the results of the rough texture.

  3. This is looking beautiful. The tile behind the stove is a very nice mix of colors and textures-----and at close out prices what a find!

    1. It took a while to find just the right look, at a price I liked. Usually they run $15.00 for a 12" x 12" square. I found this one for $7.00. Lucky me !!

  4. I would never guess you were limited in budget - the renovation looks elegant and top-shelf!

    1. Let's see...the cabinet are stock cabinets. After I add some crown molding and counter tops, it should still have the vintage look. The only thing I splurged on was the vent hood.

  5. Doesn't it give a good feeling of being powerful in one's own life when finding solutions and solving problems:)?

    1. Yes....it does. I feel like you do the same. I am in awe of your "life stories".

  6. I think you are making fine progress...I like the tile you chose!

  7. Looking good! I like your tile! Be sure to seal your grout really good behind the stove, I put about four coats of sealer on mine and it still looks good and wipes clean after 12 years! You are making progress! I love that stone looking spray, we have used it on a few items:)

    1. Thanks for the tip about the sealer...I had not thought about using it.

  8. A great looking kitchen, both beautiful and functional. And good idea to spray that cover plate to match the tile.

  9. It's looking good. I like the tile and the beadboard, too. It looks so much more functional with the cabinets by the stove. Good work!

  10. Every thing is just lovely! Good work!