Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A First Year Garden....

As you may recall...
 I moved to the Bungalow last year at the end of July.
July in Texas, with the temperatures soaring close to 100 degrees,
 is not the most favorable time to start a garden.
When I use the words, "Blank Slate", understand it was below that level.
The fenced garden area had previously been the home to a very large dog.
It was disgustingly covered in large hair balls and such.
I was starting over...again.
The bungalow renovation began with leveling the house, plus adding much needed beams. It was evident, that the rain waters were rushing through the property, therefore putting the foundation in jeopardy. 
By then it was the beginning of August, one of our hottest months.
Fortunate for me, I still had Benjamin, my faithful handyman, living nearby.
I hesitate to show you this photo.
It is only a beginning of what it will eventually look like.
The view has the Studio and mini-barn looking very happy.
I have unloaded, from my truck,
 all of the brick pavers, Windsor stones, garden soil...
placing each and everyone, building a garden.
 Remember my little cherub from previous gardens?
When I move, the cherub goes with me !
Let me show you a few of the daylilies that are blooming.
Click on each photo to see them with greater detail.
This is a glimpse of the retaining wall I built with the Windsor Stones.
I like for some plants to drape over the retaining wall.... to soften the look.
Artemisia "Powis Castle" is a good example.
And to the left, in the photo, is Rosemary.
Golden Sedum is another very easy plant.
Keep watching, dear readers.
There is more to come.....
Meggie Mac